Can’t get rear wheel off

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Can’t get rear wheel off

Beitrag von tutu10 » 27.06.2019 09:04

Got a flat on a 2018 f150 and can’t seem to get the wheel to budge, tire is totally flat. Tried persuading it with a block of wood and a hammer to no avail. It’s a work truck with steel rims on it. Is this a common problem with these trucks? Never had this issue with my 01 f150. The rim also looks incredibly tight on the hub. Any tips or suggestions?

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Re: Can’t get rear wheel off

Beitrag von Trelo » 27.06.2019 11:07

sorry, but i have to tell you, that you may not get a answer in our forum, because this is a forum especially for all kinds of NGV (natural gas vehicles)!
For common problems on different vehicles there are better places in the world wide web getting this question answered.

In europe the F150 isn't often used.
Maybe you give an american forum website a try?

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